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        • Product name: Solvent Green 7 Liquid
        • Product number: HT-S501
        • Slogan: Factory direct quality assurance
        • Color index number: CAS: 6358-69-6
        • Recommended Applications: It is used for all kinds of industrial circulating water system
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        Fluorescent dye dedicated watercolor pen—Solvent Green 7

        One. C.I.Index number:Solvent  Green 7 
        Two. CAS number:6358-69-6
        Three. Shade:Fluorescent yellow green
        Four. Uses:
        1. Office supplies category coloring: fluorescent ink, fluorescent marker, water-based ink, etc.;
        2. Alkaline cleaners coloring: hand sanitizer, shampoo, soap, etc.;
        3. Water-based coloring material: antifreeze, cutting fluid, water chest, aqueous materials, etc.;
        4. Tracer dye in aqueous systems, boiler systems.
        Five. Features: 120% water-soluble strength is very good, no precipitation, the dye concentration is high, even with little amount.

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