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        • Product name: Fluorescent ink dye
        • Product number: HT-S505
        • Slogan: Factory direct quality assurance
        • Color index number: CAS: 6358-69-6
        • Recommended Applications: It is used for fluorescent ink and mechanical testing developer, printing ink, color printing.
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        Solvent Green 7 is the latest release of the species, because we use the latest technology and production processes, product quality has reached the same level abroad, domestic and foreign customers praise. At present production and sales of high, stable quality, timely delivery, welcomed the new and old customers inquiries.

        One. C.I.Index number:Solvent Green 7
        Two. CAS number:6358-69-6
        Three. Chart


        Four. Technical performance

        1 Exterior Yellow-green powder
        2 Strength 120+3%
        3 Salt content <14.5
        4 Water <0.5%
        5 Shade Standard approximation

        Five. Use: yellow-green fluorescent highly water-soluble dyes, coloring power. Widely used in fluorescent ink and mechanical testing show agent, ink, color, etc.

        Six. Packing: plastic bag lined cardboard drum, 25kg / drum.

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