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        Pigment: Paint can make the world a colorful Cheats

        Date:2011-08-08 11:04

        Pigment is a colored fine particle powdery substance, generally insoluble in water, oil, solvents and resins and other media, can be dispersed in various media. It hiding power, tinting strength, is relatively stable to light, commonly used in the preparation of coatings, inks, and colored plastic and rubber, it can be said that the colorant.

        Pigment from chemical composition to points, can be divided into inorganic and organic pigments into two categories, its origin can be divided into natural pigments and synthetic pigments. Usually they have color, color strength, hiding power, light resistance, weather resistance, volatile matter, oil absorption and water-soluble material properties.

        Kunshan City Hite plastic pigments Ltd., specialized in the production and operation of oil-soluble dyes and intermediates. Haimen Yellow Sea Chemical Company directly under the production-oriented enterprises. Established in 1992, Haimen Yellow Sea chemical plant, has been engaged in plastic dyes, fluorescent ink and dye intermediates production, has formed an annual output of more than 500 tons of oil-soluble dye production scale.

        Kunshan City Hite plastic pigments Ltd. has formed a scientific research, production and sales as one integrated company. The company headquarters with an oil-soluble dye development test center, has a strong technical force, advanced detection equipment, improve the quality control system. And engaged Valet sample color, color grain processing, masterbatch production business. Chemical dye company Haimen Yellow Sea, has a long history, advanced technology, variety, chromatography complete, quality and stability, domestic and foreign customers.

        Oil-soluble dye Solvent Red Solvent Green preferred Kunshan City Hite plastic pigments Ltd.!

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