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        Oil-soluble dyes, dye Chinese expert ideas strengthened by the large

        Date:2011-10-19 11:02


        Kunshan City Hite plastic pigments Ltd., specialized in the production and operation of oil-soluble dyes and intermediates. Haimen Yellow Sea Chemical Company directly under the production-oriented enterprises. Established in 1992, Haimen Yellow Sea chemical plant, has been engaged in plastic dyes, fluorescent ink and dye intermediates production, has formed an annual output of more than 500 tons of oil-soluble dye production scale. "China's output into the boss, the rise in the strength of India, was acquired by international giants, this new series is to make changes in the dye industry in China is facing new competitive landscape." Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Shi Xianping, vice president last week on the development direction of China Dyestuff Industry an interview with reporters pointed out that, following the acquisition of Germany's Zhejiang Longsheng DyStar, BASF's acquisition of Ciba, the Big three DyStar, Ciba and Clariant third of the world market pattern is broken, replaced by China, India and three pillars of the new European and American multinationals situation. He believes that the status of China's dyestuff industry continues strong while also facing environmental policy changes and changes in the industrial chain, we must seize the opportunity to accelerate the completion of dye and pigment power to a power shift.

        Tighter environmental standards into the development of new power currently being implemented in the EU REACH regulations, a variety of eco-labeling, increasingly stringent emission standards and other environmental regulations at home and abroad, to improve dye pigment industry threshold, while the industry will give rise to a new round of reshuffle. "Implemented a series of policies and regulations, and increase the company's research and development and operating costs, and even cause the disappearance of many small breeds." Shi Xianping said that environmental regulations are becoming a new driving force in the industry reshuffle.

        Project Director of China INTERTEK Intertek Wang Zheng told reporters that the first registration deadline of REACH has been in the past six months, there were only a few companies achieve registration requirements before the current round deadline. He reminded the industry enterprises, REACH regulations second deadline in close proximity, or imported tonnage of all annual registration must be completed in May 31, 2013 from 100 to 1,000 tons of chemicals, or they will be shut out of the EU market . For most manufacturers, the complete REACH registration is a huge challenge, we need to accumulate experience and learn from a wide range, including data analysis, chemical safety assessment, and submit the registration dossier system and other related matters.

        For crude oil prices to put pressure on companies, experts pointed out that with the rapid development of China's coal chemical industry, raw material costs are expected to decline, especially domestic tar hydrogenation of benzene, coal tar processing capacity means rapid growth, benzene, naphthalene and anthracene quinone prices and other raw materials has a certain extent.

        Downstream varieties presented larger changes, mainly in terms of technical content. Shi Xianping pointed out that in the field of ink, more and more enterprises begin to use vegetable oil instead of mineral oil to reduce volatile organic compounds, colorants such as fastness requirements, particle fineness and liquid stability higher and higher; in the field of cosmetics, the product will be more to enhance the effect of the use of pearlescent pigments, inorganic pigments amount will be less and less; in the field of coatings, waterborne coatings, radiation curable coatings and powder coatings developed rapidly increasing demand; in the field of plastic, eco-friendly packaging materials have become increasingly demanding. Seizing an opportunity while avoiding disadvantages strengthened by the large

        Experts have suggested that the competitive landscape, environmental regulations and changes in the industrial chain presented for our dyestuff industry provides opportunities while avoiding disadvantages. Shi Xianping said: "transnational corporations to shift the focus of competition and development, will bring China dye pigment industry in a certain direction to catch up with lost time, while providing a dye so that our industries to grow stronger chance of dye pigment industry to seize the opportunity occupation. they exit positions, such as joint ventures, acquisitions, and human resources. "

        China Association of Organic Pigment Dye Branch Director Zhang water crane recommends that companies should not blindly expand the project, but should focus on sustainable development, environmental protection and in particular to strengthen the "three wastes" treatment. Some experts suggested that we should focus on multinational dynamic, active cooperation, make up their own processing technology behind the dye defects. In addition, qualified enterprises can develop non-traditional use of the product, opening up new application fields. The organic dye is anodized part was immersed in a solution containing an organic dye, the dye layer penetrate the pores of the adsorbent to achieve the purpose of the film is dyed. Because of the adsorbed dye is not strong enough. Therefore, the color of the film is easily erased and poor wear resistance. In addition, long-term organic dyes fade under exposure to sunlight, and therefore bad light, but aluminum-containing dyes, light fastness is good. But a wide variety of organic dyes and bright color, which can be dyed a variety of different beautiful colors to meet the requirements of users. Thus, the organic dye is widely used in interior decoration. The most suitable for dyeing is sulfuric acid anodizing film which colorless and transparent, high porosity, strong adsorption, easy to dye. Oxalic acid anodized film with a yellow, only dyed darker colors. Chromic acid anodized film also brought yellow and low porosity and are difficult to dye.

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