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        Fluorescent tracer PTSA Use Principle

        Date:2016-03-02 11:01

        With the development of industry and agriculture, water resources become more and more precious. Total industrial water cooling water body, enhance its reuse, recycling is a must for saving water and energy, but the harm water quality changes in the industry since the circulating water caused by process conditions cause arising, such as corrosion, fouling, bacteria and algae , slime and other issues, not resolved, you can not be safe production so that conditions can not be met, often brings pipe blockage, perforation heat transfer coefficient loss and other serious practical problems, so that production can not be normal. Industry often resulting loss of millions.

        In order to control the circulating water corrosion, scaling, bacteria and algae, slime, usually by adding a certain concentration of corrosion, scale inhibitor to achieve their goals. To get good treatment effect, in addition to an excellent selection of recipes, the key is to concentration of water stabilizer (effective content) is controlled within a predetermined range. At the moment, the majority of domestic water circulation system using artificial timing of dosing, laboratory analysis after the adoption of agent concentration in water to obtain a valid value, as a basis to adjust the degree of opening of metering pumps; or by the amount of on-site sewage water and fill calculations , according to a proportional relationship to drug dosing.

        Traditional“Dosing—Detect”way,Dosing is then to detect the concentration of drug in the circulating water, and then depending on the concentration of the agent to adjust the dosing pump opening. Because many parameters, the use of manual operation is difficult to control, often excessive dosing, resulting in waste and recycled water agent; or insufficient dosage, resulting in deterioration of water quality, leading to corrosion or fouling water equipment, piping serious impact device life. This detection agent

        concentration of circulating water system lagged way the current concentration. Now introduced a new dosing methods, namely ; detection mdash; dosing ; dosing method. Such dosing methods using real-time detection, the agent detects the current concentration of drug concentration and the set of real-time PID operation result of the operation after the real-time output to the control system, the control system according to the result of PID operation, to make dosing pump flow control or state control.

        Traditional“Dosing—Detect”way,The water samples cumbersome chemical titration analysis, after obtaining the results, and then decide whether to continue the dosing or stop dosing, and new detection  mdash; dosing way is to first know the water chemical composition and settings deviation value is then adjusted automatically. The instrument is unable to detect the drug ingredient, it must be by means of the agent fluorescence signal (instrument only detect fluorescent signal intensity of the fluorescence signal is proportional to the dose of the drug), to provide the fluorescence signal of fluorescence shows that we produce tracer (of course there are other fluorescent tracer).

        Equipment testing biggest advantages are: quick and easy detection. Detection equipment, there are two, one is portable intermittent testing, the other is automatic online detection. Selection of water treatment agent detection equipment, water systems used in water treatment agent, must be with fluorescence, that is, must be used with a fluorescent tracer.

        Traditional "Dosing mdash Detect" way,you can use traditional chemical titration method for detecting (using ordinary water treatment agent), the instrument can also be used to detect (use with fluorescent water treatment agent),But the new“Detect—Dosing”way,water treatment agent must be used with fluorescent.

        I produced the PTSA fluorescent tracer, compared with other fluorescent tracers (series naphthalene, anthracene series), a fluorescent signal is strong, does not change the performance characteristics of the drug. The instrument can detect ppb level PTSA fluorescence signal, so it will not affect the water quality.

        PTSA under ultraviolet light, the maximum excitation and emission wavelengths:
        Excitation wavelength:365—375 um
        Emission wavelength:400—410 um
        Note: 1, a fluorescent compound under UV light, under normal circumstances, can be used as the absorption wavelength of the excitation wavelength;
        2、Emission wavelength must be greater than or equal to the excitation wavelengths, but they are not mirror relationship, not all the excitation energy emitted wavelength.

        What is PID?
        PID, to be exact PID regulator. Engineering is often used in a closed loop system PID added links to the transfer function of the system be amended to fast track changes to eliminate the steady-state error.

        PID regulator of P is proportional element, magnifies. I is the integral part of, can eliminate steady-state error. D is the differential part, you can speed up the system to reflect.

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