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        Oil-soluble dyes, organic dyes what is? Good dyeing with what conditions?

        Date:2011-10-19 11:03


        The organic dye is anodized part was immersed in a solution containing an organic dye, the dye layer penetrate the pores of the adsorbent to achieve the purpose of the film is dyed. Because of the adsorbed dye is not strong enough. Therefore, the color of the film is easily erased and poor wear resistance. In addition, long-term organic dyes fade under exposure to sunlight, and therefore bad light, but aluminum-containing dyes, light fastness is good. But a wide variety of organic dyes and bright color, which can be dyed a variety of different beautiful colors to meet the requirements of users. Thus, the organic dye is widely used in interior decoration. The most suitable for dyeing is sulfuric acid anodizing film which colorless and transparent, high porosity, strong adsorption, easy to dye. Oxalic acid anodized film with a yellow, only dyed darker colors. Chromic acid anodized film also brought yellow and low porosity and are difficult to dye.

        In order to achieve good dyeing effect, the anodized film meet the following conditions:
        1) The film should be of sufficient thickness, the thickness depending on the specific hue to be dyed color tones darker more, the thicker the film thickness, the film thickness is usually light-colored dye 5 ~ 6μm, when a dark dye is 8 ~ 10Vm, dyed black in the film is more than 10μm.
        2) the film should have sufficient porosity and adsorption capacity.
        3) should be adapted to the color of the film itself was stained and uniform color. Such as high silicon aluminum alloy, the anodized film with gray but only dyed dark. In the selection of the dye, because the cell wall layer of electrically positive, so you should consider using negatively charged anionic dye (such as direct dyes, acid dyes, vat dyes and reactive dyes). Cationic dye charged positive and not stained. Adsorptive neutral dye is also poor, only dyed a light color.

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