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        Address of company headquarter: No. 1888, Shuixiu Road, High-tech Park, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province
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        Kunshan Haite Plastic Pigments Co., Ltd, is specialized in producing and operation of oil-soluble dyes and intermediates. Haimen Huanghai Chemical Plant is a manufacturing enterprise directly subordinate to our company. Since its establishment in 1992, Haimen Huanghai Chemical Plant has been engaged in production of plastic dyes, fluorescent ink dyes and intermediates. At present, it has formed an annual production of over 500 tons of oil-soluble dyes.

        Kunshan Haite Plastic Pigments Co., Ltd has grown into an integrated company of scientific research, production and sale. Its headquarters has Oil-soluble Dye Development and Test Center and boasts strong technical force, advanced test equipment and an impeccable quality control system. The company is also engaged in color matching, colored particle processing and color masterbatch production according to samples supplied by customers. Haimen Huanghai Chemical Plant, our dye manufacturing enterprise, is highly reputed by customers at home and abroad with long history, advanced technology, wide varieties, full color chart and stable quality.

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